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Electric Dramatic

Because I’m incapable of not starting side projects, welcome to Electric Dramatic, where we get you up to date, baby!

This is actually born out of a previous side project called RVTheory, where I used electrician beef with some RV technicians to parody the “comment electrician”, who always knows so much in their head but probably have never been called on their bullshit. RVTheory was ultimately unsustainable and too niche, but it did feel like a stepping stone to something else, I just couldn’t figure it out. And also I probably got distracted with something more important.

However, step in Cy Porter, a home inspector on all the social media platforms. Cy Porter is fairly well respected, but showed his colors recently as an attention hog in his videos. The whole saga is pretty thick, and I realized what people need is not a parody by someone who can’t keep up with it, but an explainer site for the occasional drama that happens in the electrical social media community. And so, Electric Dramatic was born with its first post: Bye, Cy.

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